Monday, March 19, 2012

What is Happening???

Can someone please explain to me what in the World is going on with the weather these days??? I mean DON'T get me wrong, I LOVE it, but since when do we have summer temps in March in CHICAGO?!?!? Shouldn't we be in the midst of a blizzard or something? This has been the most unseasonably warm winter, and I adore it. I'm not one for cold weather, which begs the question why do I live in Chicago.... However this year Mother Nature has been incredibly kind to me (::cough, global warming, cough:::). For the past week or so we've had temps in the 70s, and even getting into the low 80s. I know that this is happening throughout the country, but it is simply unreal in Chicago. Growing up in St. Louis I feel like St. Patricks Day was hit or miss. I remember attending the parade in my uniform skirt and a short sleeved shirt and being hot, but I also remember attending in frigid temps. This is par for the course. But March in Chicago is always cold. Always. So to have temps that rival our summer temperatures is just unreal and downright magical. Everyone always says Chicago is a different city in the summer, and that city came to life this weekend. Sidewalk cafes opened up, people were outside exercising, the parks were full of people laying out in their swimsuits - summer came early!!! We were no different that the rest of the city and spent the entire weekend outdoors.

Saturday was St. Patrick's Day. In my family St. Paddy's is a legit holiday. My Dad used to let me leave school early to attend the parade each year. It was amazing. St. Paddy's is a bit of a drunk fest to begin with, but since it fell on a Saturday things were crazier than usual this year. Well for the rest of the world, for me it was incredibly tame. We decided to forgo the parade & dyeing of the river since it was bound to be crazy crowded. Instead we opted for a picnic at the playground, which was divine. Later in the day we drove out to our friends Ben & Tina's new house for a backyard BBQ. They have a real live backyard now. Color me jealous!!!

It's sort of impossible to get a picture where both boys are smiling and looking in the same direction.... but alas here are our best shots of the boys wearing their green! 

Maybe my new favorite picture of Daddy & Henry at the BBQ

Sunday was another amazing day. Timmy & I went to swimming lessons in the morning then we came back home to pick up Daddy & Henry to head out for a walk. Tim discovered a little playground by Belmont Harbor with swings and play boats so we thought we'd walk down to the lake and check it out. It was wonderful. How we've lived so close for 5 years and never discovered this is beyond me! The boys had a great time!

Timmy checking out some sailing lessons. He talks about having a sailboat all the time so he loved it. 

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  1. I kind of want to nom on Henry in those overalls - SO FLIPPING CUTE!