Sunday, March 4, 2012

Proud Mama

Let me warn you, there is going to be a lot of bragging in this post! I guess I could have titled this "A Post In Which I Brag About My Child." lol! But sometimes a Mama's got to do what a Mama's got to do, and right now I need to brag about my Timmy boy.

Last week Timmy had two fairly big events. On Wednesday Timmy & I participated in a study at Northwestern University to study parenting thoughts and attitudes, and how it correlates to child behavior.  When we arrived at Northwestern Timmy and I were separated for about 2 hours, Timmy stayed with a girl working on the study and played some games and performed some tasks related to the study, while I went with the doctor leading the study and answered a ton of questions, completed some bizarre activities to test my reaction to frustration, and took a bunch of tests that made me feel like I was taking my ACT or SAT all over again (word association, pattern recognition, etc). At the end we were reunited and told to perform some tasks that were meant to frustrate the child, the ultimate frustration being a pile of toys and some jelly beans that Timmy could not touch until all of the tasks were completed. We were filmed so they could study how we both handled the situation. I was so proud of Timmy. He was patient and trusted me when I said that we couldn't touch the toys now, but that when we were all done he would get to play with the toys and have some jelly beans. I know a lot of kids would have freaked out or give into temptation and touch the toys, but not Timmy. He followed the directions like a champ. At the end of the study I was told that he was just great while we were apart, which I felly believe. He also asked the two ladies performing the study if they wanted to come over for dinner! He's so charming! After the one gal thanked him for playing with her he replied "you're sure welcome!" He was such a great boy and I left the study feeling so proud of him.

The next day we had another potentially stressful situation, Timmy's first trip to the dentist. I know I should have taken him sooner, but it sort of felt like the longer I waited the more nervous I was about it. Afraid he'd freak out. I finally bit the bullet, and after doing some online research I chose to take him to pediatric dentists at Growing Smiles.  I cannot recommend them highly enough. The office was fun, clean, and everyone we encountered was fantastic with Timmy. Timmy was a model patient and told them that he was having "so much fun" and that it felt good when they were cleaning his teeth. I was so nervous that he would have a melt down of some sort, but the kid loved being at the dentist. Henry however really stole the show. I think everyone at the office held him and Dr. Kristen decided she wants to have him be her daughter's boyfriend! (she's 3 weeks younger than Henry) At the end Timmy got to pick a special prize, and they sent him home with a picture of his first trip to the dentist signed by all the staff. It was a great experience and I am so happy that we chose Growing Smiles for our boys. I would like to go to Dr. Kristen myself!!

I know all kids have their moments, and Timmy is no different. Some days I think he's been possessed and I should sell him to the gypsies, however this week I was so proud of him. He is truly a calm, kind, sweet little boy. And he's pretty cute too!

Ok, if you made it through all of that you will now be rewarded with pictures from our trip to the dentist!!!

they had TVs on the ceiling for the kiddos to watch while they were having their treatment. geniuses!!!

just being his adorable happy self

having his teeth cleaned

Dr. Kristen checking out his teeth

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  1. Makes a grandma proud too! When looking at the pix, I had to laugh at dogaholics in the background. Somehow seems fitting for a dog obsessed family! :-)