Thursday, March 1, 2012

Henry is 7 Months!


Seriously kid, how can you be soooo adorable? Yesterday was your 7 monthday, and as always I can't believe how time has flown by. You're beautiful, sweet, happy, and an absolute joy to be around. We get stopped on a daily basis by people telling us how adorable you are. You smile at everyone, which I'm sure is part of the appeal. Everyone loves to be loved, and you make everyone feel like they are just the most special person in the world. It's pretty fantastic! And speaking of you loving people, I think Timmy still ranks number one in your world. You just adore your big brother and love to smile and laugh at him. Mom & Dad are pretty big hits too!

Just last night your Dad & I were talking about how much you've changed. When we first put you in the bouncer a few months ago you bounced a bit, sort of tried to grab toys, but really didn't have the lay of the land. Last night we sat watching you as you jumped around like a maniac, grabbing all the toys, yelling at them, having a complete blast. You're just not a little baby anymore! When we go to restaurants you sit in the high chair like a big guy, as well as riding in carts at stores. I also had to move you into the next size car seat because you are in fact such a big guy! You are one chunky monkey!!! You're finally enjoying solids and eat really well. So far everything we've tried has been a hit. Last night you went to town on a pickle. It was hilarious! You're becoming much more vocal and babble and yell at us. When I sing to you you try to sing along. It really just sounds like yelling, but it's pretty adorable. We are still working on trying to get you to crawl. You can go in circles, but really hate being on your belly and refuse to try crawling. I think you just love being held and coddled, and it's hard not to comply when you're so freaking cute! I love to make you laugh, hearing that belly laugh is the greatest sound and always ends with you getting the hiccups. Hopefully you'll outgrow that one of these days b/c you laugh a lot!

Thank you for another fabulous month my sweet nugget.

Love, Mommy