Monday, March 26, 2012


Chuck E. Cheese that is.

Thanks to the art of advertising my three year old has been begging to go to Chuck E. Cheese on the regular lately. Today the forecast was for a much cooler day, so my Mom & I decided that this would be a good chance to cave and give into the cheesiness. (hardy har har!) After reading Yelp reviews I stuck with my initial gut and decided that going to the burbs would be a better, cleaner option than the city location. I think we chose wisely. The drive was a painless 20 minutes - somehow traffic was on our side which never happens! CEC was clean, the clientele was pretty nice, and we had a really good time. Timmy loved playing all the games, although I was surprised that he was drawn to the bigger kid games instead of the smaller rides and tot games. He was really excited to keep tokens in his pocket, and count all of his tickets. It was a fun day for everyone - even Henry had a blast!!!

Henry riding with Chuck E. Cheese


some lovely artwork we got! lol

feeding his tickets into the ticket counter
Also I want to discuss something that I thought was wonderful at Chuck E. Cheese. When you enter they make you wait for your entire party then stamp everyone's hands with a clear stamp. Turns out each family has a different number, with all members of the family getting the same number. When you leave they check your hand under a black light to make sure that all of the adults and children have the same number. So smart. I mean when you think about it there are a ton of kids running around if someone was trying to snatch a kid. And kids screaming that they don't want to leave or go w/their parents is probably commonplace, so this is a great safe guard. Maybe this has been around for awhile, but I was impressed. It made me feel a lot more secure if my kid got out of my sight for a half second! Smart move C.E.C.!!!

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