Sunday, February 12, 2012

School Fun

So Timmy goes to an amazing preschool here in Chicago. I'm not going to name drop here (stalkers you know? lol), but it's fabulous and if anyone local ever needs an idea for a school please don't hesitate to ask me for info. His school is a cooperative school, meaning that the parents take a very active part in the school. In fact one parent assists with the classroom each day, in addition to the three teachers in his class of 18. Working with kids has always been a passion of mine, so I love that I get to take an active part in Timmy's education. It's so much fun to assist in the classroom and get to see what my boy does at school, as well as watch the dynamic between the kids. I was supposed to assist two weeks ago, but Timmy was sick so an incredibly nice Mom traded with me, and I assisted this past Friday instead. We had a great time. Timmy loved that he got to show me around the classroom, and wear the special helper apron, and I loved being a part of the classroom. I snapped some pics while I was there for the class yearbook (yes, they do a preschool yearbook. hilarious right?!?). I'm going to try and only post pics of Timmy for the privacy of the other families, but rest assured, there are some adorable kiddos!

doing some crafts, and rocking his special apron

holding hands w/his best friend. i die of cuteness. 

getting ready to paint!!!


Another aspect of Timmy's school that I adore is the sense of community. On the very first day all of the staff knew not only Timmy's name, but mine as well. This baffled me as I hadn't met most of them! They also have a social committee, comprised of parents, who host several special events throughout the school year. There's a concert with a popular local kids band, parents nights out, speakers who come to talk to the parents on various topics, a book club for adults, school picnic, and yesterday was the annual Winter Carnival. Held at a local indoor field house the carnival was a blast. There was face painting, a station to decorate your bikes for a parade, music, a bouncy house, inflatable slide, crafts, and more. This was our first year to attend and we weren't disappointed! It was lovely to spend a fun afternoon with Timmy's friends, as well as the other parents, and have another chance to bond. 

so excited about decorating his bike


getting a snake painted on his face

making some spin art

(oh, and Auntie Gracie was in town! yay!!)

rocking a funny hat Daddy made him
Have I mentioned that I love this school?!?!?!?


  1. The pics of Tim Timmy and Henry are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  2. This looks like an absolutely amazing school! I'm so jealous! I also want to find a wall to let my toddler paint, LOL!