Monday, February 20, 2012

Memory Lane Monday

Ok, I'll be upfront, this is more of a Caroline post than a Timmy &/or Henry post. But hey, Mama needs some attention too sometimes! lol. I was browsing through my photo albums on the computer today and found some real gems that I thought would be fun to post. Just a glimpse into the ghost of Caroline past!

most amazing photo ever of my Mom & me

my favorite Halloween costume, Dorothy (take one!), and no, the braids are not real

amazing photobooth shot of me & my cousins Teddy & Maggie (wish you could see the amazing hat I'm rocking behind all that hair!)

senior picture

college headshot

just a pic I love from my Grandpa's 80th bday

engagement photo

probably my favorite picture of myself 
the hills are alive with the sound of pregnant caroline....

squishy baby timmy!


  1. I love this post! You are so gorgeous!

  2. girl crush confirmed! your college headshot is gorgeous! what am i sayin? YOU are gorgeous, Momma.