Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Been a Week....

Perhaps you've noticed that there haven't been any new blog posts in the past week. I apologize for the lack of posting, but it has been the house of the sick over here. It started last Sunday with Timmy seeming to come down with a cold. By Monday he was a wreck, and it just seemed to escalate for a few days, finally subsiding by Thursday and starting to come around. But of course just as Timmy started to get better Henry & I caught it. Needless to say it's been quite the tiring week around here. We've gone through 6 boxes of kleenex, a ton of boogie wipes, 3 cartons of OJ... it goes on and on. Colds are particularly tough with the little guys because you can't really give them any meds to help out, so what you're left with is totally miserable (read: crabby) little boys. I can't really take meds either on account of nursing Henry, so we've all just had to deal with feeling terrible. We even had to cancel our annual Superbowl Party & Chili Cookoff yesterday which majorly bummed me out. Alas we didn't want to spread our sickness to anyone else, and frankly I couldn't make chili anyway since I can't smell/taste anything right now! lol. 

The good news is Timmy is basically better at this point. He's resumed running laps around the house and playing cars all day, and I've gotten a reprieve from watching Cars 2 over and over! Henry is on the way up I think. He hasn't had a fever since Sat night, and I'm hopeful that he's done with them for this illness. He's really congested though which is making it hard for him to sleep (even with the elevated crib, humidifier, Vicks baby rub), therefore making it hard for me to sleep. I think I probably got about 3-4 hours of sleep last night total, though definitely not consecutively. I can't wait for both my guys to feel better and return to some normal sleeping. Mama is TIRED!!! 

Well that's our illness saga. Despite us doing nothing last week (seriously, we didn't even go to school), I do have a few pictures to share with you, because I know that no blog post is complete without cute kid pics!! 

These are from earlier in the week, before Henry got sick. Just some adorable roly after bath baby pics!

And I mentioned that our Superbowl party was cancelled last night. Well Tim was feeling fine so he went to our friends' house to watch with them. Timmy was feeling perky so I got out our new mini cupcake maker to do something fun with him. I brought over sprinkles and icing for him to let him decorate. I looked away for one second and WHAM. He dumped an entire container of sprinkles out on a single cupcake. lololol. I think I'll be finding sprinkles around the house forever!

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  1. i think only dogs could hear me when i squeeeeed at henry's chunkaroo couch shot. LOVE those boys!