Friday, December 16, 2011

Weekend Fun

Ok, as promised my post about the weekend. Better late than never right!!

Every year Granda Pete comes to stay with us for his birthday weekend. There's no one he'd rather spend his birthday with than the boys, although I think Tim & I bring quite an allure as well! lol. Timmy and my Dad are sort of kindred spirits, and one of their similarities is their deep love of trains. Timmy has literally been saying for months that he wanted to take Grandpa Pete to the All Aboard Diner for his birthday, which is where we went to celebrate Timmy's bday. We knew it would be the perfect place for lunch for both the birthday boy and the little guy, so we headed out to the burbs. Timmy's favorite part was the train bringing a birthday treat for Grandpa (which Timmy promptly ate!), and he's been singing the birthday song from the diner all week long!

Timmy & the Birthday Boy! At this particular moment Timmy was entranced by a Thomas the Train movie that was playing. 
Henry Love.


The food train all decked out for the holidays!

Grandpa Pete & Timmy just chatting and eating ice cream.

Watching the trains before we left. 

Sunday night we had a fantastic holiday fun night. Each year Navy Pier holds a  Winter Wonderfest. Sunday night they held a special event where you had to buy tickets to attend. My mom bought tickets for us, and we all went together. It was such a blast. The entire place was decorated as a holiday wonderland. We went ice skating, rode a train ride, played in bounce houses, Timmy drove cars, ate funnel cake, rode on a Ferris Wheel, took a carousel ride, took in a Ralph's World concert, and more. It was a blast. Usually the Wonderfest is crazy crowded, but the evening event was really open and there were no long lines to wait in. We've decided it will be an annual tradition. It was so much fun!

The Centerpiece tree. 

Our fam.


Getting ready to ice skate. Timmy was getting tired! lol.

He was so excited to ice skate, then a bit freaked out once we were on the ice. I love how stiff my arm is!!

skating w/Daddy

The Big D tests out her skating skills! 

Riding the ferris wheel with Daddy

silly faces

candy cane tunnel

Grandma D and tired Hen

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