Monday, November 7, 2011

Date Night

So for a painfully long portion of the year (think Nov-April give or take) Tim and a group of his friends participate in a poker tournament dubbed the "Tournament of Champions," or TOC. The TOC takes place every other Friday night, significantly reducing my social life. Anyway.... the TOC has once again started up, and last Friday was the first game of the season (does poker have a "season"??). This year I decided that I will make the best of it and started my bi-weekly Pajama Party with Timmy. We brought down our pillows and blankets, made popcorn, had Lightning McQueen juice boxes, turned off the lights, and watched a movie. This week's flick?? The ever exciting Snow Buddies. It was quite the production. A lovely little flick about a pack of Golden Retriever puppies. Oh yeah. Fun times! Grandma D joined us for the fun, and we actually have her to thank for bringing over the movie, which hilariously she already owned. Timmy had a great time, and it was so adorable to see him clapping when the movie was over. And thus begins a new Friday night tradition for me. It might not be as exciting as my life before kids, but I dare anyone to tell me that it isn't better!!

A few pics from the festivities....

And Mr. Chubster. lololol. Look at those rolls!

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