Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lazy Day

It's cold and rainy in Chicagoland today... again. Poor little Henry is fighting a cold, so I decided that we would just hang out and have a lazy day at home today (sorry Target, I miss you too!). We spent the morning just hanging out. Playing a little cars, some trains, a leisurely breakfast... you know, the usual. Ooh, and while Henry took a morning nap I treated Timmy to some good clean bubble bath fun!
I tend to get a little stir crazy when we're cooped up (not Timmy though, he can just stay in his playroom endlessly) so I thought it would be fun to watch Monsters, Inc. with Timmy. At first he was reluctant and wanted to watch Cars AGAIN, but a Mama can only watch Lightening McQueen so many times, so I overruled Timmy and turned on some monster fun! I love to be out on the go, coming up with fun activities for my boys, but I have to admit every so often it's fun to have a day where you just relax in PJs all day long (or in my case my amazing senior sweats from high school, that yes, I still wear!!!). But tomorrow I'm ready for some outdoor fun. Do you hear me mother nature? DO YOU?!?

Bubble Bath Boy

crazy hair Henry rocking some tummy time

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  1. Um yes, I LOVE that you still wear your sweats! I would totally do the same except my college roommates made me throw them away b/c I wore them to death :) You have the cutest & happiest little guys around! Btw, thanks for the eczema rec, I'll have to try those out.