Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mama's New Ride

Last night we broke down and got a new car. Let me tell you, this mama is excited!!! We've been needing a second car for awhile. Tim's job requires him to be on the road quite a bit, and while we have a scooter that he can take if he's staying local & the weather is nice, it's just not often that the weather is nice, and quite often he needs to go out to the burbs. Chicago does have good public transportation, but there were so many times that I need a car and the two of us juggling one car was getting tough. We also needed something bigger. Something that fit both car seats better (meaning that the passenger in the front didn't have to sit with their knees in the dashboard!) and had room for guests. We have been looking around for awhile and finally found a good fit for us. So here she is... our new Toyota Highlander. It's a used car, but only had one owner and is in great shape. The interior is pretty loaded, with leather, a backup cam, navigation, an optional third row, etc. It's hard to tell from the pics, but it's a nice greenish-grey color and very pretty. I'm super excited to have a full time car!! And without further ado, here's my new ride!!


  1. very nice! love the color. isn't new car smell just fantastic?

  2. Eeek - so jealous! We need to break down and trade E's Honda Passport for a mini van.

  3. Beautiful! We just got a new (to us) Highlander as well! :)