Friday, June 12, 2009

An exciting week!

Well Timmy boy has had quite an exciting week. Cousin Teddy was in from Kansas City so we started the week off with some family fun. On Tuesday Uncle Randy, Cousin Conrad, Cousin Teddy, Mommy, & Grandma D accompanied Timmy on his first trip to Navy Pier!

Timmy had a blast as he rode on his first Carousel with Uncle Randy!

Next up - the Ferris Wheel! Turns out having a baby made the Gallagher fear of heights kick in, and Mommy almost had a panic attack. Timmy was oblivious though and had a great time!

and later on in the day Timmy Boy caught up on his correspondence.....

Thursday morning Timmy was still recovering from all of the excitement!

But luckily perked up for a little playtime.

Later on that night Daddy taught Timmy Boy how to play cars.......

and then helped him to work on standing. What a big boy!

Here's some Friday playtime. I promise you when I left him he was in the middle of the playmat...... apparently today was the day he realized he was in control of where he goes.... yikes!

The sun finally decided to grace us with it's presence, so Friday afternoon called for a walk to Oz park for some swinging.

And some snacks in the flower garden (looking pretty cool i might add!).

Then Timmy and Grandma D watched some adorable little girls play with a kite. Fascinating.

Just a few highlights of our busy week!!!

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