Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Break Staycation

The last week of March was Timmy's spring break. Because Tim & I are evil parents we decided to save his vacation days for a weeklong trip to Florida in May, sans kids. We have to go down for a wedding anyway, so we decided that we'd drive down to the keys and have some much needed "us" time. This meant while most of Timmy's pals were off in tropical destinations we were here in cold (and sometimes snowy) Chicago. But I was determined to make the most of it and have a fun staycation instead!

For our first day of spring break Timmy was off school, but Henry still had his weekly mom & tot class, which I attend with him. We dropped Timmy & Flynn off with Grandma D and headed to class.

After class we went to pick the crew up and headed out to Des Plaines (near O'Hare) to hit up one of our favorite locals, The Choo Choo restaurant. The boys were so excited to have their food delivered by trains. This place is seriously a gold mine! Of course I forgot my camera, so phone pics it was!

We had big plans to go to Navy Pier to visit the Children's Museum & Build-a-Bear Workshop, but Grandma D ended up getting sick, and I just wasn't up for it that day. Timmy was bummed, but later in the day I tried to make up for it by taking the boys to the library, then picking them up and taking them for a delicious dinner at Portillo's downtown. Hotdogs and milkshakes cure everything!

No pics for today! We had our sitter come over to chill with the babe and the boys and I went to the movies to see Mr. Peabody & Sherman. It was a bit over their heads, but it was still a fun outing!

Well today I decided to be super mom. Grandma D was still sick, but I didn't let that deter me and I took all 3 boys to Shedd Aquarium by myself. They were actually really well behaved, and we got there early enough that it wasn't a complete madhouse. It was pretty packed since all of the private and parochial schools were on spring break, but we got there early and left around lunch time when it really started to get crazy, so it worked out. The boys had a blast which I loved. The lighting in there is totally weird so all my pictures turned out terrible, but I figure most people don't care about that! They just like to see the boys having fun!

Ooh, and as a much needed Thursday bonus, the boys got some desperately needed haircuts after nap!

This was a very special day for Timmy. He's been really wanting to go to the Lego Discovery Center in Schaumberg. Really he wants to go to actual Legoland (as do I, it's part of my dream kiddo vacay! i'll post about that later!), but since flying to San Diego wasn't in the cards the Chicago burbs had to do! This is more of a big guy activity, so Tim took the afternoon off work and came home to take Timmy on a special date. Judging by the pictures Tim sent me they had an amazing time!

We ended the week with a fun lunch at the Rainforest Cafe with our good buddies Katy, Audrey, and CC. The boys were so excited to see the girls, and mostly excited to see Rainforest Cafe. Henry was a little bit freaked out, but Flynn & Timmy liked it!

So, our Staycation was mostly a ton of fun. And don't worry - by Tuesday I called secured Grandma Kiki & Grandpa John's Florida house for next year! lol. Super fun, but next year let's have some warmth!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

to blog, or not to blog

Let me be upfront... I'm in a bit of a blogging rut these days. It feels like my desire to blog has run it's course. But there's a bit of guilt associated with that, as I know a few family members really love keeping up with the boys via the blog. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue on, or perhaps send monthly picture emails to loved ones, but for now I thought I'd post a long overdue update of photos of the boys. We've been having a ton of fun as always, and are getting really excited about the upcoming warmer weather. I hope to decide the future of the blog in the next few days, so I'll keep you updated!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hello from the Polar Vortex

It.    Is.    Freezing. 

The good old Polar Vortex has once again descended upon Chicago, leaving us stuck indoors pretty much 24/7, and leaving us with 4 cancelled days of school in this month alone. Dear Sweet Baby Jesus make this eternal winter end!!!!! 

So that's my excuse for my lack of posting. We literally haven't been doing anything. Saturday night we forced ourselves to go out for burgers just to leave the house, which is something we've done very little of lately. But despite being cooped up the boys are still adorable and actually are doing a fairly good job of not driving me totally crazy! ;) I'm feeling pretty impressed that I'm not institutionalized by now, given my hatred of the cold! I'm dreaming of summer days, and planning vacations to mentally pull myself from this ridiculous cold. Fingers crossed this eternal winter comes to an end soon, because this mama needs to go outside!!!

Some inside adventures....

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Flynn's First Food

We usually wait til our kiddos are around 6 months old before introducing solid foods. I could give you reasons why - research, personal beliefs, etc - but at the end of the day I'm not here to preach to anyone. It's a decision we made thoughtfully, because it's what is best for our family. So while we usually wait until 6 months Flynn has made it very clear recently that he is interested in eating. Pretty much anything any of us are eating he wants. Since he'll be 6 months in 2 weeks (2 weeks?!?!? where did the time go???) we decided that we could go ahead and introduce solids a bit early! Neither Timmy nor Henry were huge fans of solids at first so we expected a similar reaction, and that's what we got! lol. I know he'll get there, but his first attempt was filled with a lot of questioning looks. He clearly wasn't convinced! I can't believe how big he's getting. Knowing he's my last I just want to savor every little baby moment, and he just wants to keep up with the big guys. I'm in for it with this one!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Saturday Snow Day

Saturday it was a tropical 30 degrees here in Chicago. Compared to the -15 it currently is Saturday's temps actually seem warm! We had a good foot of snow on the ground from our New Year's Day snowfall so on Saturday we decided if we better use the one semi tolerable day to enjoy it! We bundled up our boys and headed out to go sledding! But not without a quick brotherly photo shoot first!!! I die of cuteness!!!

After some cute pics we were on to sledding and snowball fights. A perfect way to spend a snowy weather day!!

Tim also managed to capture this awesome video of he & Hen sledding. Pure joy, a bit of terror, and pure joy again. So cute!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Part Deux

Despite the fact that it is the new year (Happy 2014 by the way!!) I'm going to go ahead and finish up sharing our Christmas pics. Get ready, this is going to be a photo heavy post!

Each year we spend Christmas in St. Louis. Our initial plan was to drive down on Sunday the 22nd, but a case of strep throat put us off until Monday. Luckily with antibiotics we were able to still go to STL and celebrate Christmas with all our loved ones. First up, Christmas Eve at Grandpa Pete's!

Granny Franny came to share Christmas Eve dinner with us, and Flynn got in some quality time with Granny Great!

Grandpa Pete showing Flynn Peter the fire.


Smiles with my big guy. My middle one put himself to bed before dinner (no joke) and my little fell asleep as well!

The only boy left awake sitting at the head of the table & toasting with a wine glass! Merry Christmas indeed!!

After our traditional Christmas Lights drive (something I do each Christmas Eve with my Dad, but we let Timmy into the fold!) we headed to Grandma Kiki & Grandpa John's house where we would celebrate Christmas morning. We took our annual Christmas PJs picture before bed, but Hen didn't make it. He was out already! lol. Timmy was pretty out of it as well. 

Christmas morning came and the presents were under the tree...

And one little Henry was having none of it. Who wants presents when you could be playing Angry Birds?!? ;)

Just a little Christmas morning piano playing with a chocolate face guy!

After brunch and naps we headed over to Tim's Aunt Margaret & Uncle Ralph's house for a Carey Family celebration. This was the first time in the last several years that we've been able to celebrate with them and it was lovely to see everyone!

 We tried to get a family picture. Sadly this was the best we could manage!

Then we were onto our final stop of the night. Over to my Granny Franny's for a Gallagher Family Christmas. Granny Franny's is always chaos as we fill her house to the brim with people, but it's a lovely, fun, warm kind of chaos, and really is Christmas to me. 

Cousin Mackenzie, who is due with our new baby cousin any day now, got in some baby practice! We're so excited for Baby B to arrive!!

And silly boys opened presents galore!

We attempted to get a decent picture of Grandma with her great grandkids. Maybe next year we should attempt this before gifts!

And finished the night up with dancing in the kitchen. A magical Christmas.

Oh, and while you're in blog world check out the new blog I've started. Go ahead and add it to your blogroll! Just a simple journal of sorts of lovely, pretty, happy things! Just click on the picture below!