Saturday, November 15, 2014

Maggie's Bridal Shower

Last weekend I had one of the greatest honors of my life, as I served as Maid (ugh, who wants to be matron? sounds so old!) of Honor in my cousin Maggie's wedding. Maggie and I are total soul mates (our husbands are pretty great too) so being a part of this journey with her was incredible. A week later I'm in serious wedding withdrawal so I'm traveling back to September to finally post the photos from the her bridal shower. I worked really hard, found some incredible vendors, and we were surrounded by amazing people who made the day truly magical. Which is nothing short of what Maggie deserves!

beautiful bride Maggie, welcome sign designed by moi, balloon & fringe from one stylish party,
and of course our amazing venue "the vintage house" in kc

decor by one stylish party & love garlands, delish cake from 3 women and an oven
and mimosas!!!! 

cookies from my friend salsa sweets & pink champagne baby cakes from 3 women & an oven

sweet shower deets

just a few of the girls! me & my mags, mother of the groom & mother of the bride with the gorgeous bride to be, and the sweet kittens!

a few other vendors/items not pictured, but were amazing altogether include:

Monday, November 10, 2014

the most awkward of the family photos

I call this story "Fate."

Let me travel back in time about 7 years for you. My Grandpa had passed away a year prior and I got to thinking about this hilariously amazing (and massive) family portrait that my Grandpa had in his basement. It was taken when I was 3 years old, just after my Grandmother passed away. Grandpa remarried several years later, but obviously his new wife wasn't in the photo. So, Grandpa has been gone for a year or so and I get to thinking that maybe his wife isn't too attached to the picture, which has been shoved in the basement where no one could see it for the last decade. I asked if I could have it and was denied. No big deal, I assumed she had a reason and moved on. Story over...... until Christmas 2013.

This is going to be a bit complicated, but try to follow along with me if you can. A few days after Christmas last year I receive a text from my cousin Brian. Brian is my cousin on my Dad's side of the family, and the earlier mentioned family portrait is from my Mom's side. Well I get this message and it's a picture of Brian posing with the family portrait behind him. Brian is a realtor so my first thought is that Step-Grandma is selling her house and he's there for a showing. Nope. It turns out (here's where it gets crazy) Brian is at a Christmas party at his wife's brother's wife's parent's house in Glen Carbon, Illinois, which is about a half hour away from St. Louis where my family lives. This particular family has their basement decorated very kitschy. Think Applebees or TGIFriday's. Apparently about a year prior their neighbors found this portrait at the local Goodwill store and bought it as a gag gift because it was so funny. Huge gaudy gold frame, velvet matting, and all.

Sometimes I question what my exact beliefs are, but I'll tell you the fact that over the course of 7 years that photo was denied, discarded, and then made it's way back to me feels like fate. The current owners were incredibly kind and gave the portrait to Brian to return to me. They were sad to see the family go, but happy to know who the mystery family was. So now it's travelled to Chicago where I'm displaying it with equal amounts of amusement and pride.

Our family found this story amazing and unbelievable at the same time. My cousin Maggie and I decided that we had to recreate the photo. Maggie got married this past weekend, and we realized that my two youngest kids were the perfect age to represent Baby Teddy & Toddler Caroline, and that with all of the cousins in town we'd have the perfect number of people to recreate the picture. So after some serious Ebaying, a few trips to the wig shop, and lots of planning we made our way to JCPenney Portrait Studio for the best family photo session ever.

So I now introduce to you the Steinmeyer Family circa 1984, and the new generation 2014. Exactly 30 years later we had the greatest bonding day ever, and I'm pretty sure Grandpa was smiling down on us hysterically laughing.

original cast: (clockwise from Grandpa)                               and their 2014 counterparts:

Ted Steinmeyer I                                                                    Teddy Steinmeyer III
Ted Steinmeyer II                                                                   Scott Nelson
Betsy Steinmeyer                                                                   Timmy Carey
Toni Steinmeyer (red dress)                                                   Maggie Steinmeyer Nelson
baby Teddy Steinmeyer III                                                    Flynn Carey
Donna Gallagher (green dress)                                              Caroline Gallagher Carey
toddler Caroline Gallagher                                                   Henry Carey
Randy Steinmeyer                                                                 Conrad Steinmeyer
Pete Gallagher                                                                       Tim Carey

I want to add one final note. There is no ill will towards our Step-Grandma. Maybe the photo was long gone when we asked for it. She made Grandpa very happy and that's all that matters. And this did make for an amazing family story!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Florida - part 2

pics part two - as promised :)

picnic & music fun at Gulf Place in Santa Rosa Beach

brother in Rosemary Beach

big guys w/Grandpa Pete

pirate ship fun

photo shoot with Grandma D

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Florida - part 1

I'm just going to throw it out there, we are crazy lucky that Tim's parents have an ah-maz-ing house on the beach in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. About 30 minutes outside of Destin, on the gorgeous Highway 30a, the house and beach is pretty much perfection. And yet somehow having this incredible house to use we've never taken the boys. Sheer and utter craziness. This year we decided that had to change and Auntie Gracie & I loaded up the car and drove the boys 14 hours down to Florida. Tim flew down a few days into the trip, but had limited time off so escaped the drive! Anyway it's safe to say that now that the boys have been to the "Florida House" there is no way we'll be able to keep them from wanting to go back every summer. And you know what? That's totally ok with me! I'm sort of thinking about looking into squatter laws in Florida and just crashing there!! Come on down and join me!

Ok, so I have a ton of pics, so I'll just call this part one. Come back tomorrow for more!!

big hank playing on the beach

beach baby

the water was so calm. amazingly peaceful!

holding an alligator on Henry's 3rd birthday!

Timmy's 1st fishing trip

Timmy & Captain Chuck

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten!!

I have several posts I want to get up from the last month of the summer, but this one just couldn't wait. Yesterday life seemed determined to show me just how crazy fast time flies, as Timmy headed off for his first day of Kindergarten.

He's attending the same school that he went to last year, so he's definitely comfortable with his surroundings, people, etc, but at the same time this year is the first time that he's there full day, AND he now rides the bus. There was a bit of anxiety on both our parts (what do I do all day with only two kiddos?!?), but we made it tear free, and at the end of the day Timmy came home reporting that he had an amazing time. So proud of my bug.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Flynn's First Fiesta

For Flynn's first birthday Auntie Gracie and I came up with the idea of "Flynn's First Fiesta," a mexican fiesta themed party. Margaritas as an essential part of a 1 year olds birthday? Totally appropriate in my book!! Once I had the idea I went crazy looking for inspiration on pinterest, google images, and in the depths of my mind. I have to say I'm pretty thrilled with how it turned out! Happy Birthday to my sweet Baby Flynn!

sweet table

mustachio cake pops from jillssweettreats on etsy

amazing cake from The Cakery Bakery in St. Louis

Aunt Holly's famous cookies

smash cake!!! topper from CalaveraPress on etsy

tissue paper banner from SnootyBlooms on etsy

big brother timmy checking out the goods!


birthday family

sweet Granny Great

cake time!!

piƱata fun!

Monday, July 21, 2014

catching up

We spent a week in St. Louis, and according to Tim (who by the way has his own very cool blog now about his journey towards Ironmandom) several people told him they wished I was still blogging. I had sort of assumed that with my lull in posting I also lost anyone who may have followed. Maybe I have, maybe I haven't, but I'm going to put a few more posts up all the same!

So, I haven't posted since April. Let's see..... in that time this guy has turned ten months....

and eleven....

and even started walking. Hold me!!

The boys went to a Cards game (a first for Henry & Flynn)

Timmy finished his first year of pre-k, and grew into a huge grown up little guy.

Henry turned into a dinosaur.....

And our roof deck was finished!

So it's safe to say that we've been having a great time watching the boys grow and change before our eyes. They're cuter every day!